Rachelle Furer is the face as well as the force behind Furer International. Born into a multicultural lifestyle and mindset Rachelle learned to master diversity from an early age and continues to be inspired by increasing globalization.

After graduating from business school Rachelle worked her way up through the ranks before being appointed General Manager of a rapidly expanding European franchise in the mid-80s. In this capacity she played a significant role in the pioneering of time management and team design in Switzerland. With the advent of modern technology a greater range of personal competencies was in demand so she founded her own company and started developing training courses for burgeoning call-centres. From there she progressed to customer relations and conflict resolution training within the finance and service industries then expanded into leadership skills, team development and resource integration. Today Rachelle specializes in soft-skills training and inter-cultural understanding.

Expanding into coaching to address individual needs was a natural extension and Rachelle is also well versed in self-development, personal branding and presentation, re-orientation and integration. Finding that personal history and trauma often stand in the way of clients’ success in coaching situations Rachelle added various counseling methods to her portfolio and now offers an integral approach to self-development.

Rachelle now blends tried and tested training models with co-creative coaching, diverse counseling methods as well as systemic and family constellations and trauma care.

Rachelle offers all sessions in English, German, and Swiss German. Connect with Rachelle on LinkedIn.


Rachelle’s post-graduate studies include: